From pencils to brushes: My ten most Favorite Artworks

I was thinking of something to write about for a blog and then I’ve come to think of sharing a top ten list of my artworks. Actually, I like watching videos about top ten or top something, or reading articles about top list of any topics of my interest. Now, I just thought of sharing my own list of favorite artworks. So, if you think this is quite absurd, well just give me a chance to share my own list this time. lol.

Basically, I ranked the following artworks based on visual impact, technique, and accuracy and of course, artistry. Some of them have special connection and meaning to me. So, if you think you agree or disagree, you are free to leave your comment below.

  1. “Felicidad” 9″x12″. Coffee in sketch pad.

This is my first coffee painting and I consider it quite successful. Since then, I decided to make more artworks using coffee. I like how the coffee works with water and my water color experience helped me a lot in using coffee. You can visit this art blog’s gallery for more coffee paintings.


2. “Mother and Child”. 8″ x 11″. Graphite in oslo paper.

This is one of my earlier drawings using graphite and I really love this drawing. But now I don’t have this drawing in my possession. Two years ago, I  gave this as a gift to my Japanese student when I was teaching as an ESL teacher in Davao city.


3. “Nagahibi bala siya?” 16″ x 24″. charcoal and graphite in illustration board.

This is special because I won the grand prize for a university-wide art competition for drawing category when I was in college. The them was about poverty in the Philippines and this was my chosen piece.


4. “Apples”. 8″ x 12″. Graphite in oslo paper.

I can still recall when I drew this on my birthday. 🙂  This is my most favorite still drawing so far. Since, I started to appreciate using apples as an art subject.


5. Untitled. 9″x12″ charcoal in oslo paper.


6. “Heneral Luna” 9″x13″. FC colored pencil in canson.

If you have watched the Philippine historical movie, “Heneral Luna”, then, you already know why I made this one. This is the actor’s portrayal of a Philippine hero during the Filipino- American war. This is my first work in colored pencil. This is so challenging!


7. Untitled. 16″ x 23″ Charcoal and graphite in poster paper.

This is a commissioned portrait from my client who have asked me to draw additional 3 portraits after I drew this.


8. Theater Painting. Latex Paint in Canvas. 4 m x 2.5 m

Another commissioned portrait. This is one of the three biggest painting I made for a college student. I wasn’t sure but I thing this was used for theatre performance.

Theater Painting. Latex Paint in Canvas. 4 m x 2.5 m

9. “Miss Granger” . 9″x12″ graphite and charcoal in canson sketch pad.

There’s no need to explain about this movie character. haha.


10. Untitled.16″x 22″. charcoal and graphite in oslo paper.

Lastly, this is another commissioned portrait I made. And guess what? This lovely baby girly is my High School classmate’s child. She’s so adorable. 🙂



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