5 Reasons Why I Keep On Making Arts

Every time I post an artwork on Facebook or Instagram, or when people see my drawings in person, they usually ask some typical questions like, “How did you do it?” or “What material or medium did you use to come up with this artwork?”

Well, these questions are just expected from some people while others have quite different questions. Another person who does artworks would ask some art techniques on a particular aspect of the drawing for example. Others ask for your process in creating your artwork. But what really strikes me are the few people asking me on what motivates me on making these kinds of stuff. I mean why I keep doing these or what keeps me more interested to do more artworks. It is even a more relevant question when I’m doing art stuff religiously when I’m not making money out of it (Actually I do some commissioned artworks but not that often.)

Now, I will try to answer this question that I don’t usually do because I thought the question is quite absurd to me. Well, here are the major reasons why I think I keep on making art stuff.

  1. This is my past time whether or not I can get something out of it.


Yup, this is the best reason I can give. Everyone has their own interests and hobbies and as for me, it’s all about artworks. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. It’s even the first thing I did before I learned writing my name. This is my way of refreshing myself, killing my time, discovering myself and improving the gift that I believe I have. When I finished a drawing, I can feel a sense of accomplishment. I created something that makes me feel good and proud. My artworks are like my treasures. For me, they are priceless.

  1. Other artists influence me.


I remember when I was in college, I saw a Facebook post about a charcoal drawing by my high school classmate. That makes me envious and I was really amazed and although I make drawings and sketches, charcoal drawing or painting made me so interested and it triggered me to try it. It made me feel that I have to learn it and that ignites me to start using charcoal pencils in my drawings.

So, it started there and I made a lot of charcoal drawings and I actually made some money out it when people are asking me to make their portraits. It was actually a turning point in my journey as an artist.

Then, I tried coffee, do calligraphy, paint using water-based paints and more. These are all attributed to some I’ve met in person and in books, magazines and social media and my encounter with their artworks and medium. It was all about influence and experience.

  1. Some people are willing to pay for my artworks.


No. I don’t earn that much in my artworks. The largest amount I received from an artwork was about Php. 6,000 for three large paintings. I believe my artworks are not that expensive. In fact, more of my artworks are given for free. Hhmm, it depends on the people and the artwork they are asking me to do. Anyway, I’m always open for negotiation.

  1. I love VISUAL ARTS.


People know that I really like doing it. It’s part of my life. I’m willing to learn more. I really believe my artistic skill is not enough and there are still more artists who can do far better than me. However, I’m doing art for art’s sake. I will always be willing to do something I love. That’s the point and I’m happy being an artist.

  1. People have good impressions of ARTISTS.


You received compliments by doing an artwork. Painters, sculptors, poets, musicians and people in other aspects of the arts have earned a good reputation for being talented or skillful on their respected crafts. Now, I’m not saying that artists are genius or what, but they are creative and they can give brilliant ideas. People respect that, and we admire people who can share something that is beautiful and brilliant. Science had been used in more practical ways but arts give us things that science can’t give. Arts make us more human.


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