A Cup of Coffee for an Art

I love coffee! And now I got more reasons to love it more – I can create art out of it!

Just last year, I started to paint using coffee and I just find it awesome. I was thinking of starting to use watercolor for the next medium. Surprisingly, I found coffee and I was actually thinking to try it for the art experiment. So, I picked up my brush, used my egg plastic tray as my coffee palette and it all started there.


What’s good about coffee is that it doesn’t cost you much. You only need water, a teaspoon of coffee, a small pointed brush and a good drawing paper that can absorb water well. A sketchpad will do but you can also use a watercolor paper or a poster paper.


If you are new in coffee painting, it would be helpful if you had a background with watercolor. Basically, they work in the same way except that coffee is monochromatic. Nevertheless, the properties of water and the concentration of coffee as the source of color pigments, decides the visual impact, the form and the shading of the entire coffee painting process. The basic principle to control the lightness and darkness of the color is the level of proportion between coffee and water.

Coffee and watercolor 

Again it’s the same idea with the watercolor. However, there’s a little difference between the two media. Watercolor can paint light shades by using light colors such as white and yellow or peach without the need of adjusting the water. On the other hand, the light shades in a coffee painting are created by a less concentrated mixture of coffee and water. Moreover, for darker shades that are almost black, you need more coffee and less water. In other words, the ratio of the amount of water and coffee decides the lightness and darkness of the color.

Painting coffee marks permanently 


Well, it’s quite tough and you have to be more cautious. Unlike drawings, you can’t just erase coffee on the paper. That’s why it’s very important to use the pointed brush that can control enough mixture and can make thinner lines and precise marks. You need to be patient. I highly recommend getting a sketch first on the paper to have a better guide. Make sure to set the proper lightness and darkness in the coffee painting, since it’s monochromatic.

All I can say is that it’s a good art experience. I never thought coffee doesn’t only taste good. It’s also a great art medium.


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