Christmas Parol: A Symbol of Filipino Artistry

Celebrating yuletide season lights up the lives and gives bright colours to everyone. It has been one of the joyous seasons for Filipino families all over the world. Along with the celebration is a symbol, locally called Parol or Christmas Lanterns. It symbolizes faith and hope for Filipinos. These are considered as the greatest expression of Christmas spirit in the Philippines and at the same time signals the beginning of the Christmas season.

Christmas Parol or Lanterns ranges from a unique simplicity made from thin bamboo sticks that serves as frame, to a modified metal materials. Back then, Parols are star-shaped object, as a traditional symbol, believing it as the star that guides the Three Wise Men to the manger of Child Jesus. Nowadays, it comes in all shapes and sizes. Parols can either be square and round, rectangular and flower-shaped, even Santa Claus shape has also been adopted. Lighting wise, Parol makers uses colourful blinking bulbs in kaleidoscope patterns to illuminate the Parols. This innovation shows the creativity and artistic talent of Filipinos.

Christmas Parols as a symbol of hope, as many Filipinos are into Parol-making business as source of their income. Halfway before Christmas, they began making Parol and start selling them staring October. With its intricacy and innovation, Parols are now being sold online and overseas, with materials that could allow anyone to re-use them by the next year.

In the joyous and colourful season of Christmas, Filipino families get together in celebration of yuletide season. Hanging Christmas Parols or Lanterns awakens the excitement of everyone, wherever there’s a Filipino family and community. Symbolizing faith, hope, love and oneness in the yuletide season, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.


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