Why is it important to learn ART?

Art education plays a valuable part in the human development. In fact, great thinkers such as Plato have pointed out the importance of arts in the learning process. Art is a tool that transforms us to be more human and completes us as a person. Several greatest and notable scientists and investors combined scientific knowledge with artistic innovation.

When Albert Einstein had a terrible time with scientific theory, he would pick up his violin that he started playing when he was a child and come up with a constructive idea or a solution for a scientific problem. He even made a remark that imagination is more valuable than knowledge. While knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world.

In fact, there is adequate information that backs up that studying and doing arts has great impact in enhancing learning efficiency. According to several brain researches, art education and engagement is good for a person’s learning. It said that arts helps to develop neural systems resulting to better motor skills, higher level of creativity and establishing emotional balance.

Judith Burton of Columbia University has conducted a study that shows evidences that subjects including language, science and mathematics need complex creative and cognitive skills which are common in learning arts. Moreover, arts also help to enhance positive aspects of an individual such as self-esteem and motivation, aesthetic consciousness, cultural exposure, emotional expression and creativity. It also develops social harmony and the ability to appreciate diversity.

Artists do a lot of telling stories and conveying great messages. They make us feel the world and wake up our senses, widen and enrich our perspective and experience. Art keeps us completely alive.



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