The time I’ve met ART

Van Gogh said, “We cannot speak other than our paintings”

I started to have my interest in visual art even when I was a kid. In fact, I’ve learned how to draw or sketch several objects even before I learned how to read and write. Papers, pencils, colors were my playground. People could see me always in a corner, with my pencil, or colored pen or watercolor, drawing something on a piece of paper. What I see in my surroundings, mountains, clouds, trees, birds – I always draw it.

My father is an architectural designer then, and he is definitely a fan of visual art too. I don’t know when he decided to name me “Art”. But perhaps I just have to justify to every people I meet everyday with my artworks that, I need to live with the name I have.

I started sketching with ordinary pen and pencil when I was in preschool and then I’ve learned watercolor in my elementary days. Of course, crayons would always be part of an Art class but I prefer other mediums. Then, in high school color pastel became popular and it was the primary medium for poster making contest which I used to participate.

I’ve tried many avenues to explore visual arts including caricatures, lettering, cut-outs, designs, calligraphy and more. However, as I went to college and meet more great artists along the way I discovered my love and appreciation with paintings and charcoal and graphite drawings.

Well, I’m still learning in the world of Art. It has always been my first love. Let me share to you my humble artworks!



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